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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) – Oftentimes with pursuing a degree or career path, students are not quite sure where to start. Laramie County Community College’s STEM program allows students to navigate courses, like computer science, chemistry or biomedical science with freedom; additionally, the program provides direction to help students develop their own plan toward success.
“It’s why we call it guided pathways. So we don’t want to say it is super prescriptive, like you start here and that is all you can do; it’s prescriptive with flexibility, so I think that is the uniqueness of it,” said STEM Pathway Coordinator, Trent Morrell.
Students like Biology major, Kaeden Adams, say typically one of the biggest setbacks in college is taking classes that are unnecessary, and not knowing which classes can help build the foundation for a STEM education.
“So far, it has made all of my class options very easy for me to pick out. Instead of having to worry about ‘Oh, do I need to take an accounting class, I’m going into this career field.’ It gives me more of a set guideline of, ‘I don’t need to take that, I can take it if I want still, but I don’t need to take that’. It tells me ‘Hey, you should go take physics, hey you should take this, you should take that’; it makes it very easy for me to decide where I need to go and what classes I need to take,” said Adams.
Morrell said although STEM students typically pursue a four-year degree out of the program, the pathway sets them up for success through real-world knowledge and experience.
“We set them up for internships and we have a lot of field experiences, we have an undergraduate research program here, which is really good. So students get to dip their feet into a bachelors type of experience here,” Morrell said.
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